Types of Haunts  

 A Brief Breakdown 


Repetitive Haunts: 

Generally speaking these types of haunts stem from any one traumatic even or strong energy source and replays night after night like a video or audio recording. Sometimes these are only seen or felt on an anniversary of the occurrence. 

      Energy Impressions: 

      This replay may include ghostly humans but has no interaction or personality with or toward the living. An imprint is not aware of our existence or anything at all for that matter. These are difficult to disperse, as they are not conscious. 

      Collective Energy: 

      Not a true haunt by its very nature but we feel it must be noted as it can affect a true haunt or draw a spirit to its feel and ambience. Here is a brief example: When a location is/was visited often by a collection of people with similar goals of feelings, a personality or separate feeling begins to develop as with the smooth, black, carved stone and silent walkway of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. One cannot explain the feelings received upon arrival, but they are feelings of terrible anger and extreme sadness, it is really gut wrenching.

   A Haunt Without A Death: 


      This phenomenon is most commonly mistaken for an intelligent haunt. Poltergeist (meaning noisy spirit) activity is usually centered on a young woman or girl (and sometimes more rarely around a teenage male) under the age of 20 who is going through a difficult time and rarely occurs without the focal person near. This activity can last from a few weeks up to a few years and can cause things to be grabbed, thrown, or moved. Poltergeists can also open containers and empty them, and sometimes make things float through the air. Also, a rarity, the phenomenon can cause fires, pinch or levitate humans, write on walls, papers, tables, etc. make things appear, destroy, pick on animals, or even commit violence. 


      Usually appear smiling and brilliant; these sometimes-winged beauties are simple messengers. Mind that you do not offend or ignore this phenomenon. This is not a recurring haunt. And angel will usually only visit a particular person or place once to a handful of times for a specific message to be given. 


      We do not deal alone or in small groups with these creatures of destruction. Remember to show no fear and back out to the safe site slowly. You have faith in something to demonstrate your ability as a stronger soul, more resistant to its destructive forces. Some signs you have a demon on your hands: Strong rancid odors, non-poltergeist violence, queasy or uneasy feelings, solid black figures not a once human spirit, growls and howls no attributed to live animals, an unidentifiable language, or specific orders not to intrude in its realm. 


     Intelligent Spirits: 
    Intelligent haunts seem to be the most frequently reported and least able to prove of all types of haunts. There are several states and manifestations of the particular category so we will break it down by emotions or reasons they are with us. Please remember that these spirits can be hurt. Avoid doing so outside of an investigation with professionals. 

      Angry Spirits: 

      These spirits tend toward hanging around causing pain and anguish to the living because they are angry. Ridding yourself of this spirit may be more difficult because ghosts are even more repetitive in nature than the living. Listen, as these spirits want anyone to hear their stories and reasons for being so angry.

      Worrying Spirits: 

      These were once the “mother hens” in life. They may believe that no one can live without them. Sometimes someone the spirit cared about in life fetters them here. These haunts are rarely disruptive and more commonly a minor caring annoyance.

      Fearful Spirits: 

      Some die with a natural fear of death and the changes it brings. People who die as a result of preventable accident may stay on in that place to ensure others do not meet the same fate. Listen and alleviate their fears. A frightened haunt may also be resistant to change and may show themselves more during renovations or life changes for those in the area of the residing spirit.


      Fettered Spirits: 
      These fettered spirits attach themselves to one or more people, places, or things because of strong emotional ties. To rid you of a fettered object, find the family the object of spirit is from and return the fetter to them. Spirits fettered to places are difficult to understand and must be listened to. Remember that as we are creatures of habit, our disembodied spirits are even more so. 

      Evolved Souls: 

      This is an extreme rarity. This soul is not trapped here. This spirit has achieved a peak spiritual state but has put off their union with the Universal Source for a specific task. Once this has been achieved the paranormal activity will subside and all will return to the previous state. 


     All Other Spirits: 
      As we run across new, possibly unexplored, paranormal phenomenon we will continue to categorize them. This list is ever changing and very updateable by any Dayton Area Paranormal Research Society friend or family member.