Dayton Area Paranormal Research Society 

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Sample Interview Questions 


It is very important to most serious investigators to get a few interviews in before launching a full-tilt investigation. One reason would be to gain more insight into the goings on and to gain an understanding of the possible entity. The other reason is to gain a sense of who your clients are. Sometimes, with more frequency than we like to admit, the clients or others who are very close to them have been mislead. We want to make sure the clients are mentally and emotionally stable before we open an investigation to protect both the clients and ourselves. So here are a few questions that should be asked to dig a little into the clients experiences.


Vital Statistics:




Other Physical traits:


Contact Information:


Phone Number:



Have you ever experienced anything you would term "paranormal" before this event/situation?


Have you ever been diagnosed with depression/bipolar disorder or any type of chemical imbalance? (This isn't a question to just spring on someone, ease into this and they'll be more likely to respond to you with the truth. Also, be caring and kind to even the strangest client)


Have you experienced any visual apparitions? Could you explain them to me?


Have you had any strange smells or odors with no immediate explanation?


Have you heard any abnormal sounds or movement of objects with or without the apparition in any frequency?


Could you please elaborate on the clothing, hairstyle, or jewelry the apparition was last seen with or in?


At what pace was the entity moving? Was it still? Was it solid or more see through?


Do you know of any physical explanation for anything you have described?


Have you or anyone else in the home/area been touched or harmed in any way?


Could you tell me about your own feelings surrounding these sightings, sounds, smells, objects moving, or being touched?


Have you heard any stories or folklore surrounding this particular sight?


Have you or anyone else found any factual evidence that would support those claims?


Is there anything, in particular, that you hope to gain from this investigation?



*Then get a signature and date at the bottom of the statement page if you plan on publishing any of their statements with the evidence of the case. If you plan on publishing the case you should also get them to sign a release form at this time, or after the revealing of evidence. A very important step*