Pre-Investigation Rules and Regulations


1. Investigate Folklore. Either by conducting interviews or by visiting book stores and websites.

2.  Look up the more accurate history of the location. Go to the library, look up microfilm and local history books to help you build your case.

3.  Achieve verbal O.K. to do investigation (either from the property owners or the police) then obtain written permission to be on property from the manager or owner of said property. (verbal O.K. on film also accepted)

4.  Preliminary interviews of those experiencing the activity must be conducted before we enter the site. Submit your findings to your leads or we can not enter the client's site with adequate knowledge.
Find Tips On Interviewing Here.

5.  If the site is abandoned or outdoors, we must first have someone from the site or a team member notify the police in case of  a disturbance or complaint.

6. Double check the number of staff/personnel on duty and their locations during investigation and all follow-ups so we can verify these against any evidence gathered at the site.