PBU wants You!

What is PBU? Paranormal Blogtalkers United. We are two groups that have joined forces with a simple idea to bring paranormal groups together to increase listeners, trade stories, and share the experience. We are serious investigators with a serious sense of humor. Located in Virginia and Ohio, we are responsible researchers who love what we do and share it with the world through Blogtalkradio.
How does it work? PBU will eventually gather 5 groups from around the US to cross promote, guest host and share knowledge with each other. Each group will have one day (the day of your show) to talk about all the things you already talk about, you'll simply be adding short commercials from the other groups. Additionally, once a week someone will appear as a guest host on your show. You decide on what's discussed and the contribution that guest makes. Think of it as a short PBU segment added to your show. The best part? You can pull from the knowledge of all the groups involved! Don't forget, you'll get to play host on someone else's show. That means all of their listeners will be tuned into you!
Right now we are looking for groups to join us on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. Interested? Please fill out the form below and give us 48 hours to contact you!


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