Investigation Safety Rules and Regulations
1.  Never leave the group without first giving notification and then taking one or more "buddies." Never leave your buddy. For investigative purposes if you must leave them, keep them in your regular sight and/or auditory range. If you're yelling, you're too far away.

2.  Never leave the equipment unattended or within view of the public. Please place all valuables in your trunk or on your person. Safety is in being prepared for the worst and hoping for the best.

3.  Never take anything from the investigation site. I repeat, NEVER! Leave everything as is. We follow a very strict "leave no trace" practice. In a sense, we move as ghosts. If you must, pick up or move an item, then return it to its original state. The ONLY exception to this rule is picking up litter from an outside investigation area, which we almost always do.

4.  Leave your personal issues at the vehicles! If you have a disagreement do NOT halt an entire investigation to bicker. Be professional, excuse yourselves from the investigation site and return to the vehicles or designated "safe site" with the parties involved and a mediator. If you must leave as a result, notify a lead and expect a discussion at a later date.

5.  Always check your equipment for stability and power before each investigation. Proper maintenance, ahead of time, keeps our investigations running smoothly. Please also note that if you break, you buy, or need to come to an agreement with the objects owner.

6.  Always look for a physical or scientific explanation to everything you sense. Make note of the date, time, and place where everything occurred and for ALL photographs taken please include atmospheric conditions. A weather station will be provided.

7.  Be respectful of others who may enter an investigation site. Give them their space, and they will return the favor. If problems are caused by a "stranger" coming in without permission, regroup immediately and phone the police if it is determined that they are not officially registered to be at the investigation site.

8.  All cell phones, pagers, alarms, etc...are to be turned off. The only free area to use THESE electronic devices is in the designated "safety site" and/or back at the vehicles. Do not use a phone during the investigation unless it is an emergency, however, we wish for all "buddied pairs" to take a phone when exiting the "safe site" ALWAYS.

9.  Regardless of the mood of the investigation, keep your wits about you. We do not need screamers, or potentially hazardous runners on our team! When you sense something, note it, investigate it, see where it's coming from/going to, ask your buddy if they have sensed it too, preferably while it is still occurring.

10.  If the "entity" on site exhibits signs of a demonic haunts in any sense of the word, back out of the area immediately, but calmly. It is important that no one gets hurt. We can always call for backup and venture in later. But first we need to regroup and decide our best plan of action to deal with what is before us.

and, finally...

11.  Enjoy yourself! This is an important scientific...hobby. Yes, hobby. We do not get paid to do it, we provide our own equipment, we go to great lengths to maintain a standard of professionalism, but it is still something we do for fun.

So, let's get on with it already!