"It is our mission to make important breakthroughs regarding the paranormal, by attempting to prove a haunting as a natural occurrence in and around the state of Ohio, and more specifically the Miami Valley region. We will never ask for monetary compensation for our investigations nor will we accept any. We are a non-discriminatory organization and accept all responsible, interested individuals. D.A.P.R.S. is also a volunteer organization and our members may be called on from time to time to volunteer outside the group to make life a little better for the living."
Dayton Area Paranormal Research Society
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Don't let the name fool you. We are serious investigators...we just have a tendency to recognize the hilarity of life and life after death. Call in or stop by for a chat. Ask a question or two. Nothing is too deep or too shallow to ask with us. Each week we will be discussing different technologies with Jenni. Be prepared for more tips from your "photo guru" Danielle, and a few interesting facts, tips, and paranormal stories from Candi. Don't forget the newest segment with Michelle called "Interviewing the Investigators" See you in the chat room! Bear with us if it's not up as soon as the show begins!