Evidence Review and Post Investigation Acceptance


1.  Each member will review their own materials and we will reconvene within one week to compare notes on the investigation site and to sort through any evidence.

2.  In the event that a member is overloaded with review work he/she may ask for assistance from any other member, but please refrain from bringing in outsiders to the paranormal field.

3.  Once selected, the presentation of our evidence and findings on the site will be proposed by the founders and/or the member who proposed or scheduled the investigation.

4.  Unacceptable Evidence for Presentation to a Client is as Follows:

Orbs, most vortexes, any images from a camera with light leaks or any other structural/functional errors, EMF readings that were not recorded, and Class C EVPS or any other EVPs with an abnormal amount of background noise that can not be cleaned up.

This does not mean we won't collect them as evidence for ourselves, we just can not in good conscience take this sort of evidence to a client and present it as scientifically unexplainable evidence.