Equipment is a very important aspect if one wishes to capture documented proof of an encounter with the paranormal. Below is a short list followed by a more detailed list for the beginning investigator. This first list entails every item I make a requirement to our group. Every person or team MUST have these items on them at all times. The secondary list is full of great equipment for ghost hunting, though not required by Dayton Area Paranormal Research Society (DAPRS), we do ask that you pick one or two to invest in for your own personal benefit (Birthdays/Holidays come in real handy here). And finally list three is chock full of extras you can bring to help in our investigations. We will already have most of these items, but a few more can’t hurt.


LIST ONE: (must haves)

Notebook & Pen/Pencil




Compass (DAPRS provides one to each team)

Cellular Phone

Weather Appropriate Attire

Beverage & Snack

and ANY ONE of the following from list two:


LIST TWO: (at least one preferably two)

Electromagnetic Field Detector (EMF meter)

Still Camera (film or digital)

Video Recorder

Tape Recorder

Infrared (IR) Thermometer

Laptop Computer

Portable Weather Station

Walkie-Talkies (2-way radios)

Dowsing Rods

Night-Vision Scope

Strobe Light


LIST THREE: (nice additions)

First Aid Kit

Cord Ties

Bungee Cords

Painters Tape/Duct Tape/Electrical Tape

Scotch Tape


Toilet Paper/Tissues/Moist Towelletes (because you just NEVER know when nature will be calling)

White Powder & Black Plastic (for indoors only)


Please keep in mind that everyone is responsible for themselves and their gear. Anything lost on an investigation will not be replaced by DAPRS or any member thereof. Keep your gear near your rear!