Alternate Explanations and Physical Realities 

Natural Phenomena: 

      When there are no visuals on the spirit and the only clue to its existence is sound, please survey the area for the possible cause. Loose window frames; Rats, squirrels, and birds inside walls, attics and basements; Old or broken pipes or any loose boards that cause thumps, rattles, growls, moans, or scratching sounds. If there are visuals but no sounds also look for a more physical cause such as a light refracting or an object that may cast a shadow and/or move. 


Living Beings: 

      There are many times the supposed spirit is a neighborhood nuisance. Some examples: burglars, trespassers, and peeping toms. Look for footprints and any other sign that a physical body may have been there. If this is the case, alert the home/business owner to the situation so that proper precautions may be put in place. Be careful yourself, as they may return while you are there and being “found out” may increase your chances of getting injured. Always remember your buddy. Ensure the safety of all at the investigation site. The police are there to serve and protect in many of these cases, never neglect to call when necessary. 


Psychological Issues: 

      Many of the individuals that you will deal with under this category tend to “see” of “imagine” things happening in and around their homes. They may be using these images as a way to avoid dealing with the reality of their situation. Others have some sort of mental illness of suffer from an addiction to illegal of prescription drugs. These can easily be identified in the interview process. Be Aware. 



      Humans sometimes feel the need to “trick” or provide fraudulent claims to investigators. In a more Scooby Doo fashion, money may be involved in the hoaxers reasoning or they may be doing it as a fear tactic or practical joke. Sometimes they may be simple tricks to keep others off of their property. Keep your eyes peeled for obvious riggings and you ears open to obvious rigged speakers in the walls or clues from the people you interview or involve from the investigation site. Examples: owners, property managers, security, employees, residents, clients, or those involved in “actual” sightings.